ARTDEER is an online service planned by Mameow Technology Co., Ltd., a group of young people is trying to create a brand new artistic circle: no hype, no commercial interests, let the art collection and art return to the most pure relationship. We believe there is only one reason to collect a piece of art work: the art work really touched me, so I want to own it.

We try to find the art works with soul in the hand of the artist. They will not be a reselling art work. Their creator may not famous artists. They may not can move everyone. But they must be excellent works of art. They contain some kind of energy, and their existence is to wait for the appearance of a right person, a collector who was moved by them. We try our best to find such works of art, and find such right person.

In ARTDEER, you will find the unadorned art itself in the first. We hide the name, introduction and artist information of the works of art, because we hoping that you won’t be affected by extra information when you are appreciating. For art works of interest, you can click to view the work’s information, mark “I Like”, or collect the genuine art work. We will make an inquiry from the creator and feedback to you. Their price is not as high as the art auction market or gallery’s offer. As you know, it is a rare fate to meet an art work that you really like. Each of them is the one and only. We hope to help you to collect them successfully.

Our team is still young, we are very serious and passionate.
Thank you.